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10 New Insights in Climate Science 2023


To limit warming beyond the 1.5°C mark, a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels is crucial
The text is based on a press release kindly provided by the Future Earth Governing Council.
On December 3, global experts from the social and natural sciences
natural sciences together with UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Stiell presented the annual report "10 New Insights in Climate Science" at COP28. The report provides policy makers with the latest and most important climate science research findings from the last 18 months, summarized to support negotiations at COP28 and policy implementation until 2024 and beyond.
The "10 New Insights in Climate Science" series, which has been published since 2017 and is presented jointly with the UNFCCC at the COPs, is a joint initiative of Future Earth, the Earth League and the World Climate Research Programme that summarizes the latest developments in climate change research. This year's report represents the combined efforts of 67 leading researchers from 24 countries.
Dr. Wendy Broadgate, Director of Future Earth's Global Hub, summarizes: "The science shows that we are heading towards exceeding the 1.5°C limit. Minimizing this overshoot minimizing this overshoot is crucial if we are to reduce the risks to societies around the world. COP28 must be the tipping point where collective action to phase out fossil fuels gains momentum."

Further information on the "10 New Insights in Climate Science 2023" can be found here