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10 New Insights in Climate Science

Call for Input

Coverfoto brochure 10 New Insights in Climate Science 2020

Graphics: Future Earth, Cultivate Communications

The 10 New Insights in Climate Science series, produced by Future Earth, the Earth League and WCRP, highlights the most recent advances over the last year on drivers, effects and impacts of climate change, aiming to ensure visibility and accessibility of scientific results for policy work. After the “10 New Insights in Climate Science 2020” were launched on 27 January 2021 and presented to Patricia Espinosa, the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, the production of the 2021 report has started.

All active researchers, across all disciplines, working with issues related to climate change are invited to provide inputs on the latest scientific advances within climate change research until 7 March 2021.

Please find more information as well as the survey here.