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Future Earth in transition

Secretariat and governance structures are being re-worked

Future Earth in Transition

Photo: Future Earth

Recognising that scaling up global sustainability science is an urgent and crucial step towards transforming our relationship with the environment, it was a busy year for Future Earth.
Starting with the Future Earth Summit in June, a community-led process was initiated to figure out a new, transparent and effective structure for the work ahead. An Implementation Team made up of representatives from all entities is working to implement mechanisms, processes and policies for a successful transition.
A first step in the transition will be to create opportunities for more countries and regions to join Future Earth, e.g., by joining or leading the Future Earth Global Secretariat.

Please find the pre-announcement for the Call for Expressions of Interest to host a Future Earth Global Secretariat Hub here.

At the same time, governance structures are re-worked. Starting in mid-2021, Future Earth will be governed by a new Governing Council, selected from a new structure, the Future Earth Assembly, which will have representatives from all entities in the Future Earth Community.

For more details, please check the Future Earth website.