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willkommen zum dritten Newsletter in 2018 des Deutschen Komitees für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung in Future Earth.

Die folgenden Bekanntmachungen, Veranstaltungshinweise, Ausschreibungen und Stellenangebote bieten einen kurzen Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen mit Bezug zu Future Earth und dem World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Wöchentlich aktualisierte Neuigkeiten finden Sie auf unserer Webseite oder folgen Sie uns einfach auf Twitter.

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Bekanntmachungen / Announcements

August 2018: Future Earth's 27 Networks Welcomed in Bonn by the DFG, The German Committee Future Earth and UNU. In the evening of August 28thDorothee Dzwonnek (Secretary General of the German Research Foundation - DFG) together with Reinhard Limbach (Deputy Mayor of Bonn), Jakob Rhyner (Co-Chair of the Future Earth Governing Council) and Leena Shrivastava (Co-Chair of the Future Earth Advisory Committee) welcomed the Future Earth networks to Germany. Valuing an internationally coordinated approach to studying the complexity of global challenges and strong science-society interactions, the speakers emphasize the importance of the Summit and its ambition to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. MORE INFORMATION


September 2018: Opening plenary of World Social Science Forum highlights deep transformations required to avoid risks to life as we know it. Transformations in economic systems, governance, corporate structures and technology are required to head off threats to human existence as we know it, according to leading social scientists gathered at the opening plenary of the 2018 World Social Science Forum. MORE INFORMATION

September 2018: German Future Earth Summit (2018) Conference Summary Report out now! The summary report for the 3rd German Future Earth Summit (8-9 February 2018) is available for download now on our site. Included are all outcomes and results of discussed topics such as: Acquiring a better understanding of designing and implementing long-term pathways towards sustainable development in cities, on land and in the ocean, organising, collaborating and sharing knowledge and activities in order to provide solution-oriented insights (regarding the urgent need to achieve the SDGs by 2030), as well as working across academic disciplines and collaborating with relevant societal leaders to uncover the huge potential for new, promising, societally relevant pathways to global sustainability. MORE INFORMATION
Call for Abstracts der DKN-Arbeitsgruppe "Urbane Nachhaltigkeitstransformationen - Integrative Stadtforschung" Rundgespräch (Deadline 31 Oktober 2018). Die Rolle der Städte bei der Umsetzung der SDGs wird als zentral gesehen. In diesem Kontext sind jedoch noch eine Reihe von Fragen offen, die nur durch einen ständigen Dialog zwischen den verschiedenen Akteuren zu beantworten sind. Die Arbeitsgruppe lädt im Rahmen des Rundgesprächs der AG „Urbane Nachhaltigkeitstransformationen“ und der Co-Design-Projektgruppe „SDGs auf urbaner Ebene“ des Deutschen Komitees für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung in Future Earth (DKN) zu diesem Dialog ein (17.-18.01.2019, Berlin, Deutschland). Die AG möchten mit Ihnen über Herausforderungen und Chancen bei der Umsetzung der SDGs in deutschen Städten diskutieren, um den Beitrag der Wissenschaft zu identifizieren und zu stärken. MORE INFORMATION
Open call for Knowledge-Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events (Risk KAN) membership (deadline 15 November 2018). The Risk KAN, a joint initiative of Future Earth, IRDR and WCRP, invites interested researchers to self-nominate for a membership in the Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events, in the Development Team (DT) and/or working groups. All positions are voluntary. MORE INFORMATION
Call for proposals of European Space Agency - Future Earth joint activities (deadline 2 November 2018). The European Space Agency (ESA) and Future Earth have partnered to bring the latest Earth observation data and understanding to Future Earth’s research through Future Earth’s Global Research Projects, Knowledge Action Networks and Media Lab. There is funding of up to €12,000 available for activities that help strengthen this partnership and promote the use of Earth observation data. This year there is an open call to the Future Earth community. MORE INFORMATION
Soon available: IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 ºC. The IPCC approval session of the Summary for Policymakers of the report is due to take place on 1-5 October, in Incheon Republic of Korea. The IPCC looks forward to presenting and discussing the report findings, subject to approval by the Panel, on 8 October and thereafter. MORE INFORMATION

Coming soon: New Funding Opportunity for Ocean Sustainability Research. The Belmont Forum, in collaboration with Future Earth, will in September or October 2018 launch a call aiming at bringing together researchers and other expertise across the globe to innovate solutions to accelerate sustainable use of oceans and minimize the effects from global change.  This Collaborative Research Action (CRA) call aims to contribute to the overall challenge of ocean sustainability, with the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development) as the overall framework. MORE INFORMATION

Veranstaltungen / Deadlines
30 November 2018: Bewerbungsschluss - Die Junge Akademie Wählt 10 Neue Mitglieder. Die Junge Akademie sucht nach engagierten und exzellenten jungen WissenschaftlerInnen und KünstlerInnen mit Interesse an interdisziplinärer Arbeit an den Schnittstellen von Wissenschaft, Kunst, Gesellschaft, und Politik. MORE INFORMATION

15 November 2018: Abstract Submission Deadline for (CMIP6) Model Analysis Workshop. (25.-28.03.2019, Barcelona, Spain).  The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) Model Analysis workshop is jointly organized by the WCRP Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM) CMIP Panel and the European Commission Horizon 2020 projects PRIMAVERA (PRocess-based climate sIMulation: AdVances in high-resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment) and EUCP (EUropean Climate Prediction system). The workshop will consist of a series of seven half-day sessions of three hours each. Each session will begin with 20-25 presenters given a 3-minute time slot to show no more than one slide summarizing the main conclusions of their poster. MORE INFORMATION

15 November 2018: Innovations Submission Deadline for Geocities and Society Summit. (18-21.03.2019, Stockholm, Sweden). The summit aims to create a highly interactive forum for effective cooperation between scientists and users of scientific information to tackle global and local challenges around sustainability of natural resources and systems, global health, and resilience. MORE INFORMATION

8 November 2018: DKK Briefing "From Talanoa to Action" zur 24. UN-Klimakonferenz. (Berlin, Germany). Im Mittelpunkt der 24. Konferenz der Vertragsstaaten (Conference of the Parties, COP 24) der UN-Klimarahmenkonvention in Katowice stehen die Umsetzungsregeln für das Pariser Übereinkommen, die auf der diesjährigen Konferenz verabschiedet werden. Dabei geht es auch um die Erfassung und Überwachung der globalen Emissionen. Diese sind im vergangenen Jahr – nach einer kurzen Stabilisierung – wieder angestiegen. Zum Erreichen des Pariser Klimaziels besteht also großer Handlungsbedarf. MORE INFORMATION

2 Oktober 2018: YESS Science Policy Interface Webinar "Water-Energy Food Nexus". Do you want to know how does research translate into policy? Join ECR NoN to explore this question through five webinars with experts in the field. MORE INFORMATION

15 Oktober 2018: SDSN Conference - "The SDGs and the Future of Europe" (Bonn, Germany). This Conference will explore ways of making the SDGs an integral part of the political agenda in the EU in alignment with these upcoming high-level events and invites the membership of both networks as well as experts from academia and politics to promote exchange and develop concrete initiatives that will steer the European Union towards implementation and achievements. MORE INFORMATION

17 Oktober 2018: Parlamentarischer Abend der Leibniz Gesellschaft - ,,Zukunftsfähige ländliche Räume " (Berlin, Germany). Das Thema des Parlamentarischen Abends der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft greift insbesondere die Frage auf, welche Angebote, welche Maßnahmen und welche Instrumente Abhilfe verschaffen können, um die Abwanderung aus dem ländlichen Raum zu stoppen und die Regionen attraktiver zu machen. MORE INFORMATION

30 Oktober 2018: Abstract Submission Deadline for GLP 4th Open Science Meeting 2019 (24.-26.04.2019, Bern, Switzerland). This conference represents a unique opportunity to build and enhance scientific capacity and enable transformations to a sustainable future by identifying core questions, synthesizing research, and setting future agendas. MORE INFORMATION 
31 Oktober 2018: Paper Submission Deadline für ,,Urbane Nachhaltigkeitstransformationen - Umsetzung der SDGs in den Städten". Die SuN (Soziologie und Nachhaltigkeit) fordert für den  4. Call for Papers der Beitragsreihe „Soziologie und Nachhaltigkeit – Beiträge zur sozial-ökologischen Transformationsforschung“ interessierte Autorinnen und Autoren aus Wissenschaft und Praxis auf ein Abstract von maximal 500 Wörtern einzureichen. Sowohl theoretische als auch empirische Beiträge sind erwünscht. MORE INFORMATION

30 September 2018: Abstract Submission Deadline for Symposium "Climate Change and Natural Hazards - Coping with and managing hazards in the context of a changing climate." (25.-26.02.2019, Padova, Italy). The goal of this symposium is to make its participants understanding of what climate change hazards are better, while taking into account how the diffrent components of climate change including frequency, intensity, variability and uncertainty work together and relate to ecosystems, and how a better understanding of vulnerability of people to climate change in terms  of sensitivity can be achieved. MORE INFORMATION

30 September 2018: Abstract Submission Deadline for 3rd International BioSC Symposium - "Towards an Integrated Bioeconomy“ (12.-13.11.2018, Bonn, Germany). Meeting the Grand Societal Challenges and successfully implementing a sustainable bioeconomy requires the contribution of various stakeholders and research disciplines. Basic, applied and industry-oriented research including the natural, agricultural, engineering and economic sciences have to be bundled into a systemic integrative approach. At the 3rd International BioSC Symposium, experts from academia and industry discuss recent results and new developments for a sustainable bioeconomy from different points of view. MORE INFORMATION

15 September 2018: Registration open for FVEE Jahrestagung 2018 - ,,Die Energiewende - smart und digital " (17.-18.10.2018, Berlin, Germany). Die wissenschaftlichen Tagungsleiter Prof. Dr. Kurt Rohrig (Fraunhofer IEE) und Prof. Dr. Carsten Agert (DLR) laden herzlich zu der FVEE-Jahrestagung 2018 ein, auf der Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerinnen zeigen, wie Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien den Transformationsprozess unterstützen können, um die Zielrichtung Ökölogie, Ökonomie und soziale Nachhaltigkeit gleichgewichtig umzusetzen. MORE INFORMATION

Karriere / Career

28 September 2018: Application Deadline for Director of the Inter-University Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, and Chair in Climate Change Science and Policy at University of East Anglia. The Director has overall responsibility for the vision, strategy and operations of the Tyndall Centre partnership and will set the research agenda for interdisciplinary and academically excellent research that informs global, EU and national policy making. He or she will also be appointed as a full-time cross-faculty Chair in Climate Change Science and Policy at the University of East Anglia. MORE INFORMATION

30 September 2018: Future Earth Vacancy Submission Deadline for Deputy Director. Future Earth are seeking an experienced leader with a strong international profile. The Deputy Director works in close interaction with the Global Hub Director. His/her main role is to build tighter links between Future Earth and the European and international research organisations and funders, aid agencies, the main environmental and humanitarian NGOs, and big companies, in particular in France. MORE INFORMATION

Apply now: Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Future Earth. Future Earth are looking for a postdoctoral fellow to join our team to help lead the development of a Research and Innovation Agenda at the intersection of AI/Information and Communication Technologies, climate change and global sustainability. The fellow must have  expertise in a field relevant to AI, big data, digital innovation, operational research. MORE INFORMATION

Apply now: Project Coordinator Position in Future Earth. Future Earth are looking for a Project Coordinator who can support the overall coordination of the various phases of the project, with a focus on the in-person workshop and including research support. He/she would also ideally  be well-versed in the sustainability and digital field to help build a global community at this intersection. MORE INFORMATION

1-5 October 2018: Application Deadline for 15 New Positions at PNNL in Atmospheric, Climate, and Earth System Sciences. The team at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is searching for 10-15 researchers at all career stages, immediately. Scientists from early career to senior level are sought to build, lead, and contribute to projects spanning the atmospheric, climate, and Earth system sciences. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team of more than 150 researchers who work together on the kind of scientific challenges that are important to the advancement of science and to society at large. MORE INFORMATION

15 October 2018: Application Deadline for CLIFF-GRADS scholarships for short-term scientific training and research stays on mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from reduced food loss and waste. The CLIFF-GRADS fellowship program invites applications from students from developing countries currently enrolled in masters or PhD programs for short-term scientific research to expand the evidence base for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from reduced food loss and waste in priority supply chains in developing countries. MORE INFORMATION

15 October 2018: Future Earth Vacancy Submission Deadline for Science Officer, Regional Center for Future Earth in Asia. The Regional Center for Future Earth in Asia is seeking a science officer to provide intellectual and coordination support for the development of research, capacity building and collaborative networks in Asia. MORE INFORMATION

1 March 2019: Application Deadline for Alexander Humboldt Foundation International Climate Protection Fellowships for young climate experts from developing countries. With the International Climate Protection Fellowships, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation enables prospective leaders in academia and industry to implement a research-based proposal in the field of climate protection or climate-related resource conservation during a one-year stay in Germany. MORE INFORMATION

Der Newsletter umfasst eine Auswahl an Themen und Veranstaltungen mit Bezug zu Future Earth und dem World Climate Change Programme (WCRP). Ausführliche Informationen sowie wöchentlich aktualisierte News und Veranstaltungen finden Sie auf unserer Webseite unter Aktuelle Hinweise posten wir auch auf twitter.

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