Veranstaltung 13.11.2018

WCRP workshop - “The Earth’s Energy Imbalance and its implications”

22 June 2018: Abstract submission deadline!


The Earth’s energy imbalance is a topic developed by the CLIVAR research focus “Consistency between planetary energy balance and ocean heat storage” (CONCEPT-HEAT) that has grown in scope to embrace the relevant activities of the WCRP Core Project, in particular GEWEX.

In this workshop, the main objective is to initiate a new WCRP-wide activity and to thus strengthen and extend the community on the Earth’s energy imbalance through a community wide discussion on links across all the WCRP Core Projects and relevant activities.

Identifying research goals and opportunities focused on the Earth’s energy imbalance as well as synthesizing the various aspects across WCRP through discussion and reporting on how the CONCEPT-HEAT topic could evolve into a WCRP topic will all be part of the expected outcome.

The workshop will take place over 3.5 days and is an open event for all experts of related fields. The program is organized under four sessions, which build on oral presentations (invited & abstract submissions) and posters.

13. - 16. November 2018


Toulouse, France