Veranstaltungen 27.11.2018

SOLAS workshops to Core Themes 4 and 5

2 October 2018: Early Registration deadline!


The Registration to the two SOLAS workshops "Influence of Coastal pollution on 'Marine Atmospheric Chemistry: Effects on Climate and Human Health" and "Interconnections between Aerosols , Clouds and Marine Ecosystems in Contrasting Environments" is now open.

The first workshop will focus on challenging topics in the field of air-sea interactions and atmospheric chemistry. Organised jointly by SOLAS and IGAC, the workshop will specifically address the influence of the coastal pollution (air and water) on the chemistry of gas and particles in the marine environment, as well as the effects on climate and human health. The main question is: How does coastal pollution (air and water) affect gas and particles emitted over the coasts and how does this feedback on air quality and human health?

Workshop two is the realisation from the SOLAS national annual reports of the existence of many large programs aiming at improving our understanding of the interconnections between ocean and aerosols and ultimately clouds. The timing seems just right to bring these people together and see what they have to say and try to expand from the local/temporal scale of a single project to the global scale. For this we will identify key similarities and differences in the findings of the different programs (where they overlap) as well as complementary information where they don’t. The deliverable will be a community paper.


The workshops are sponsered by International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (ICAG), Italian National Research Council (CNR), Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS).

27-29 November 2018


Rome, Italy