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Ocean Mesoscale Eddy Interactions with the Atmosphere

6 October 2017: application and abstract deadline!

Several decades of observations have revealed the richness of the mesoscale eddy field in the oceans, especially in association with western boundary currents and the Southern Ocean. The small scales of ocean eddies, however, mean that they are not represented in the current generation global coupled models used for climate prediction and projection. In short, we have a process — atmosphere-ocean interaction on the ocean eddy scale — that is beginning to be well observed, that is potentially significant for the dynamics and climate of both systems, yet is not captured by our “workhorse” modeling systems.

This raises two specific, and related, challenges that will be addressed at the workshop.

  1. How to represent atmospheric feedbacks on ocean eddies in ocean-only models?
  2. How do atmospheric weather and climate respond to the ocean eddy field?

The overall goal of the workshop is to create a shared understanding of how ocean-atmosphere interactions at the ocean-eddy scale should be represented in climate models to improve climate prediction and projection in both the atmosphere and the ocean.

The workshop will bring together the oceanography and atmospheric communities. Meeting participation will be limited to ~50 attendees selected through an online application process. Those who are interested in presenting a poster during the lunch break must submit an abstract.

17 – 18 February 2018


Portland, Oregon, USA

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