Veranstaltung in Deutschland 26.02.2018

BONARES Conference 2018: Soil as a Sustainable Resource

1 Nov. 2017: Abstract submission deadline!

The conference brings together researchers from all disciplines of soil science to discuss the functionality of soil ecosystems and how to develop strategies towards sustainable soil management. A sustainable bioeconomy requires integration of soil productivity with a wide range of other soil functions including nutrient cycling, carbon storage, water retention and filtering as well as being the habitat of a myriad of organisms and their activities. For sustainable soil management, we need to understand soils at a systemic level and to assess their value in a socio-economic framework.

Invited are contributions (posters and oral presentations) to the following topics:

  • Impact of agriculture and cropping systems on soil functions and ecosystem services
  • Effects of plant – microbe – fauna interactions on soil functions
  • Nutrient and carbon dynamics within the root zone as affected by soil management
  • Soil structure and water dynamics as affected by soil management
  • New sensing technologies, soil monitoring approaches and related decision support systems for sustainable soil management
  • Assessment and governance for sustainable soil management
  • Linking data and models in soil science – Towards efficient workflows for data-model integration

26 – 28 February 2018


Berlin, Germany

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