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willkommen zum dritten Newsletter in 2017 des Deutschen Komitees für Nachhaltigkeitsforschung in Future Earth.

Die folgenden Bekanntmachungen, Veranstaltungshinweise, Ausschreibungen und Stellenangebote bieten einen kurzen Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen mit Bezug zu Future Earth und dem World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Wöchentlich aktualisierte Neuigkeiten finden Sie auf unserer Webseite oder folgen Sie uns einfach auf Twitter.

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Daniela Jacob
August 2017: DFG appointed Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob as new member of German Committee Future Earth. Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob, director of Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) in Hamburg, has been working on regional climate modelling on the national and international level for many years. Jacob is main author of the 5th progress report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) and Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Special Report SR1.5, and is involved in programmes such as WCRP CORDEX.


October 2017: World’s leading bodies of social and natural sciences, ICSU and ISSC, to merge in 2018, becoming "International Science Council". At a historic joint meeting the members of ICSU and ISSC voted to merge, launching a process that will see the formation of a single global entity called the International Science Council that unites the scientific community, including all social and natural sciences. The organization will be launched at a founding General Assembly to be held in Paris, France in 2018. Its mission will be to serve as the global voice of science, providing leadership in catalyzing, incubating and coordinating international action on issues of major public concern.


belmont forum
October 2017: Joint Belmont Forum and BioidvERsA cal on "Scenarios of biodiversity and ecosytem services" open. The Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services II is a follow up to the first Belmont Forum Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Collaborative Research Action. 25 funding organisations from 23 countries are joining this call. Priorities are on (1) Development and application of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services across spatial scales of relevance to multiple types of decisions and (2) Consideration of multiple dimensions of biodiversity and ecosystem services in biodiversity scenarios.


November 2017: New German Committee Future Earth post on "Science in society: the challenges of solution-oriented sustainability research (and some hints for solving them) online now. 


November 2017: German Committee Future Earth and DFG at COP 23. At the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP 23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) the German Committee Future Earth organised together with Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, and many other partners as well as in cooperation with Future Earth and WCRP, three events that shared the importance of scientific knowledge in support of the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. Read summary (in German, english version available soon).



November 2017: Globale Verantwortung und nachhaltige Entwicklung in der neuen Legislaturperiode im Mittelpunkt der 4. Deutschen SDSN-Versammlung. Bericht zur Jahresversammlung SDSN Germany jetzt verfügbar. 


November 2017: New Future Earth National Committee launched in Japan. The Japan National Committee on Future Earth will work to tackle global challenges and enhance Future Earth’s efforts to foster a sustainable future in Japan and abroad. To achieve this goal, the committee, in collaboration with Science Council Japan, aims to: promote transdisciplinary approaches to research by engaging a wide range of societal partners; collaborate with societal partners in their efforts to realise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; and enhance Japan's international contribution to sustainability by assisting the efforts of the Tokyo Global Hub and the Asia Regional Centre for Future Earth.

National Networks


November 2017: 3rd German Future Earth Summit "From Knowledge to Action" (8./9.2.2018, Berlin, Germany). Register now and become involved in the discussions on 

  • Future Earth Knowledge Action Network topics such as Natural Assets, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Finance and Economics, Transformations, Sustainable Consumption and Production.
  • "Managing expectations" on topics such as The role of social sciences and the humanities at the interface of environmental sciences and international political fora, Policy pathways for healthier, more equitable and more environmental sustainable lifestyles, Societal resilience and climate extremes, Town and country in the flow - creating sustainable climate landscapes, Measuring Global Impacts and Global Responsibility, Science and policy.


3rd German Future Earth Summit


November 2017: German Committee Future Earth supports a new working group and first activities of newly launched "Co-Design project groups" started. To collaborate with the community in theme-specific groups allows a broad exchange of opinions and the possibility to comprehensively work on specific topics to shape the research landscape. As a complement to the working groups, the German Committee Future Earth initiated a test pilot format on stakeholder dialogue in February 2017 - the "Co-Design Project Groups". This groups will support the idea of "Co-Design of research" and thus strongly focus on the stakeholder dialogue between science, policy, society and/or economy on very concrete topics in the field of global sustainability.


The following two co-design project groups were initiated for a period of one year:

Co-spokespersons: Dr. Kerstin Krellenberg, Tilia GmbH; Dr. Florian Koch, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung – UFZ
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Hermann Jungkunst, University Landau


The following new working group with up to nine working groups members were finally accepted for a period of two years:

Working group spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena.






Oktober 2017 - Februar 2018: Veranstaltungsreihe „Die Welt im Wandel“ mit Fokus auf Agenda 2030 (Bonn). Die Veranstaltungsreihe „Die Welt im Wandel“ nimmt mit „Agenda 2030“ den Blick der Akteure ein, die für die Umsetzung der Agenda 2030 in der Verantwortung stehen. Dabei kommen Expertinnen und Experten aus Wissenschaft, Politik, Zivilgesellschaft und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit zu Wort, die den aktuellen Umsetzungsstand kritisch beleuchten – inklusive der vielfältigen Chancen und Herausforderungen, die die Umsetzung der Agenda 2030 mit sich bringt. Mehr Informationen


October 2017: New MOOC on "Climate change, risks and challenge". Join the free and open online course on climate change and learn with renowned climate scientists. More information


1 December 2017: Deadline for submissions of peer reviewed scientific publications and other sources of knowledge which are or can be documented in written form (i.e. reports, working papers, ‘white’ papers, evaluations, etc) as input for the new Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR 2019). The GSDR, mandated by the United Nations’ Member States is a new quadrennial publication that will be informing the 2019 High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF). For the first time, the report is being drafted by an independent group of scientists. Currently, the group is requesting contributions in four major areas: (1) interactions among SDGs and their targets, (2) transformation pathways towards sustainable development; (3) looking beyond the SDGs (major issues identified by research which are not explicitly taken into account in the SDGs), and (4) the role of science for sustainable development. More information


11 December 2017: Deadline for submission of pre-proposals to joint transnational call on "Water resource managemant in support of the United Nations Sustaibable Development Goals (SDGs)" funded under IC4WATER. More information


11 December 2017: Deadline for registration for review of IPCC methodology report first draft of the 2019 Refinement to the "2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories". The refinement of the IPCC’s previous guidelines published in 2006 is necessary to provide an updated and sound scientific basis for supporting the preparation and continuous improvement of national greenhouse gas inventories. More information


29 December 2017: Deadline for submission to the special issue on "Inequality" of the United Nations Sustainable Development Journal on Natural Resources Forum. Invited are articles on different aspects of inequality for consideration by the editorial team for publication in this special NRF issue. Articles to be submitted must be relevant to policymaking, with a focus on applied research and/or case studies. More information


5 January 2018: Abstract submission deadline for Planetary Health Annual Meeting (29-31.5.2018, Edinburg, UK). Researchers from any discipline relevant to planetary health are invited to submit an abstract of their research describing a recent study or a project currently in process that contributes to the gaps in knowledge, governance, and imagination as reported by the Rockefeller–Lancet Commission. More information


8-9 February 2018: 3rd German Future Earth Summit "From Knowledge to Action" (Berlin, Germany). More information


21-22 February 2018: Save the date! 6. Nationales IPBES-Forum (Bonn, Germany)


26-28 February 2018: Bonares Conference 2018: Soil as a sustainable resource (Berlin Germany). More information


13-14 March 2018: Open Science Conference 2018 (Berlin Germany). More information


20 April 2018: Abstract submission deadline for "IV International Conference on El Nino Southern Oscillation" (16-18.10.2018, Ecuador). The main goal of the conference is to review the progress on the science of ENSO with a focus on examining the range of ENSO “flavors” (especially in regard to the longitudinal variations of warming), assess the existence of possible, and distinct precursors to the different flavors, an examine how the different oceanic and atmospheric processes that drive the different ENSO flavors and impact their predictability would vary in a warming world. More information


26-28 April 2018: Conference on "Resilient Cities 2018" (Bonn Germany). More information


1 March 2018: Deadline for abstract submissions to the "World Social Science Forum 2018: security and equality for sustainable futures" (25-28.9.2018, Japan). The Forum will address the issues of security for all people in an equitable and sustainable world. Over the course of four days, discussion at the Forum will explore how current concerns about security relate to equality and sustainability. More information





24 November 2017: Application deadline for 15 PhD positions in global land-use change and telecoupling. COUPLED is a four-year, European Training Network granted by the EC under Horizon 2020. They put the research approach of TELECOUPLING into action for solving sustainability challenges for land use. Become part of a new generation of young scientists solving sustainability challenges in land-use. More information


15 January 2017: Application deadline for the position of "Director UNU-FLORES" (Dresden, Germany). The Director is the chief academic and administrative officer of UNU-FLORES and has overall responsibility for the direction, organisation, administration, and programmes of the Institute under the direction of the Rector of UNU. More information


31 January 2017: Application deadline for the fellowship program of Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (Munich, Germany). The center will award fellowships to scholars from a variety of countries and disciplines. Applicants’ research and writing should pertain to the central theme of the RCC—transformations in environment and society. Research at the RCC is concerned with questions of the interrelationship between environmental and social changes, and in particular the reasons—social, political, cultural, and environmental factors—for these transformations. More information


28 February 2018: Deadline for proposals for Helmholtz European Partnering Programme (Helmholtz, Germany). The program targets cooperation projects with partners from Central, Eastern and Southern European countries. More information




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