News 04.08.2017

Synthesis of Internal Consultations on the Natural Assets Knowledge-Action Network

The Natural Assets Knowledge-Action Network has recently published a synthesis document on its research foci for the coming five years. The document had beforehand been opened for a wider consultation to capture feedback on its content from a wide range of academic and non-academic stakeholders.

The identified foci include:

  • Biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services
  • Governance and fair stewardship of natural assets
  • Socio-economical transformations for sustainable consumption and production of natural resources
  • Development of scenarios and model to support multilateral agreements

As part of their ongoing activities, Future Earth initiated an internal consultation process on its Natural Assets Knowledge-Action Network (Natural Assets KAN). The Natural Assets KAN – a collaborative initiative building on contributions from the Future Earth internal Community (Global Research Projects, Fast-Track Initiatives, Clusters, Science and Engagement Committees, Regional Centres and Offices)  – aims at achieving a scientifically-based, sustainable and fair stewardship of terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets underpinning human well-being by understanding relationships between biodiversity, ecosystems and their benefits to societies, as well as developing effective management and governance approaches.