News 24.07.2017

Open Consultation on Research Priorities for Health, Climate and Environment

14 August 2017: Consultation closes!

Future Earth invites you to contribute to defining their research priorities for health, developed by the Health Knowledge-Action Network as input to a Belmont Forum scoping process.

The Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network (KAN) has recently developed a preliminary synthesis document on research priorities for health, climate and environment. The paper outlines potential priorities for health research that seeks to: protect and improve human health by elucidating, and finding effective responses to, the complex interactions amongst environmental change, pollution, pathogens, disease vectors, risk factors, ecosystem services, and people’s livelihoods, nutrition, health and well-being.

Now the wider community is invited to review the document and give feedback in order to see if there are any missing pieces that have not yet been addressed. Feedback from both individuals and institutions is invited. Feedback will be which incorporated into a final version of the document that will then serve as input to a Belmont Forum scoping process for a future Collaborative Research Action.