NEWS 16.01.2019

Open Call: Infrastructure Priority Programme on Biodiversity Research

10 February 2019: Submission Deadline!


In the framework of the Infrastructure Priority Programme „Exploratories for Large-Scale and Long-Term Functional Biodiversity Research“, established in 2006, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) invites the submission of research grant proposals.

Research in the Biodiversity Exploratories encompasses comparative, experimental and theoretical approaches, as well as scientific syntheses, addressing the following issues:

  • relationships of land use and land-use intensity with all facets of biodiversity, from the genetic to the community level;
  • consequences of changes in land use, land-use intensity and biodiversity for the functioning of ecosystems, communities, populations and for ecosystem services.

This call is addressing research groups with expertise in investigating land-use effects on biodiversity, and of the functional and societal consequences of biodiversity changes. The DFG will fund empirical projects addressing these topics using comparative or experimental approaches. Other projects, including theoretical ones, or social-ecological ones on the societal background of land-use decisions or on the provisioning of and demand for ecosystem services are encouraged, too. Such projects should clearly relate to and use Biodiversity Exploratories’ data, and aim at conceptual and mechanistic advances. All proposals, new proposals as well as renewal proposals for Biodiversity Exploratories projects, must clearly describe how they will contribute to a mechanistic understanding of the studied processes, and how the planned research fits into the Biodiversity Exploratories’ framework, uses the common design, and complements existing research.

Applicants are asked to send a very short summary of the intended research (applicant(s), preliminary title, plus a maximum of 5 lines of text) by email to the speaker and the scientific coordinator of the Biodiversity Exploratories.  To allow for mutual information and coordination among applicants these short summaries will be compiled and, in one password-protected file, made available to all applicants named in these summaries.