German Early Career Scientists in Future Earth

Launch event of the German Network Of Early Career Scientist In Future Earth

Subsequent to the German Future Earth Summit in Berlin (January 2014) a meeting of early career scientists was organized with the main goal to exchange interests and possible activities within the Future Earth program and to discuss possible goals of a German network of early career scientists. Due to the positive feedback from over 50 participants of the PhD level, the Post-Doc and junior professor level with various academic backgrounds a German Network Of Early Career Scientists In Future Earth (ECS) was launched.


Early Career Scientists within the German Committee Future Earth: advantages and expectations

  • To improve the information exchange about Future Earth (global and national activities).
  • To raise knowledge on Future Earth relevant research projects – in particular projects of and with Early Career Scientists.
  • To enable academic exchange and discourse on the ECS level.
  • Collaboration: joint workshops, publications and implementation of new joint research activities.
  • Strategic and programmatic pooling of existing and planned research activities.
  • To be involved in agenda setting processes and development of research activities related to Future Earth (on national and international level).
  • Internationalization: to endorse ECS research activities into international networks.


Open Letter

As a first activity a petition was developed. The petition referred to the international initiative of young scientific academies (see Open Letter PDF). The Open Letter of the ECS network has been sent to the German Committee Future Earth and two German research funding organizations (related to sustainability research, DFG and BMBF) after finishing the signing period in mid of March. The early career scientists emphasized in this Open Letter the stronger active involvement of young scientists in future activities. The petition was signed by 60 people (Download PDF).


What’s next?

Now, the German ECS network is going to concretize the goals of the network, to develop ideas on the specific contribution of the Early Career Scientists to the German Committee Future Earth, and to develop the structures of the network as well as a communication strategy.

The German ECS network is as a self-organized, bottom-up organised network.

All early career scientists interested in the further development of the German ECS network are warmly invited to join the network.

We’re looking forward to your email!



updated 7.6.2017







Contact persons (2017/2018):

Antje Brock
Freie Universität Berlin

Dr. Jana Zscheischler
Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung
E-Mail: jana.zscheischler(a)

Viviana Wiegleb
Universität Trier
E-Mail: weigleb(a)


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Annual Meeting 2017:

20./21.4.2017 in Kiel

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