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More land use diversity – Regionalise it


The current well-established land use and nature conservation practices in Germany lead to the following hypotheses: 1. there are emerging integrated landscapes, that are similar to one another, so that on larger scale biodiversity losses are increasing. 2. the land use may not be sustainable, because land use decisions of one country affect land use decisions in other countries.


The prevention of similar landscapes and biodiversity losses as well as the prevention of the externalisation of negative effects require transdisciplinary solutions. Together with stakeholders from different thematic fields as well as different spatial and planning levels the co-design project aims at developing perspectives and strategies for a sustainable land use (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15). The new insights of the project shall be concluded with a research agenda, that will describe the open research questions. 




Prof. Dr. Heiko Faust, Universität Göttingen, Humangeographie

Prof. Dr. Oliver Frör, Universität Koblenz‐Landau, Umweltökonomie

Prof. Dr. Hermann Jungkunst, Universität Koblenz‐Landau, Physische Geographie


Supported by:

Dr. Barbara Malburg-Graf, DKN Geschäftsstelle


Funding period: 2017-2018


Spokesperson and contact:

Prof. Dr. Hermann Jungkunst
Universität Koblenz-Landau
E-Mail: jungkunst@uni-landau.de



Draft of a research agenda



18.07.2017 (auf Einladung)


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  • Our Co-Design Projektgroups

    More land use diversity – Regionalise it