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Working Program (2016-2018)


The ”German Committee Future Earth” (DKN Future Earth) acts as a independent, national research advisory board for issues related to national and international activities within the research programs “Future Earth: research for global sustainability” and WCRP, the World Climate Research Program. The main tasks of the German Committee Future Earth are to support und further develop the national scientific agenda, to facilitate and identify innovative German contributions, and to suppoert German scientists in the development of relevant research activities within Future Earth and WCRP.


"From Scientists, For Scientists."


In the second working period (2016-2018) the German Committee Future Earth will further provide support for the international and national dialogue, and encourage the future design of sustainability research. The German Committee Future Earth will strengthen the further development of integrated research, particularly increase networking and mobilisation. At this the German Committee Future Earth closely collaborates with the broader German community and for instance supports the activities by the set up of working groups.


The working priorities of the second period can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide support for the German community to develop and supplement socially relevant research topics including support of dialogue between science, society, and research funding (Co-Design of research topics).
  • Development and complement of thematic working groups and thereby to support the German community in designing integrated research.
  • Mobilization and integration of scientists of natural science, social science, the humanities, and engineering in Future Earth research on a national level. Integration of research supporters of Germany, internationally and the European Research Area.
  • Advice DFG with regard to Future Earth and strategic advice in the international context (e.g. Belmont Forum, den Future Earth relevanten Bereichen von ICSUISSC).


All activities of the German Committee Future Earth are supported by the DKN Future Earth Secretariat. The Secretariat’s tasks include coordinating activities and contributions and, over the long term, providing a platform and the knowledge for the debate on new methods and topics within sustainability research in Future Earth as well as supporting dialogue on co-design of research for Future Earth in Germany.


updated, 17.2.2016
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