Prof. Dr. Karen Pittel

Prof. Dr. Karen Pittel

Prof. Karen Pittel is director of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources. Since October 2010 she also is Professor of Economics at the University of Munich. Pittels main research subjects are energy, exhaustible resources, growth and sustainability.


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since 2010

Professor of Economics at LMU Munich, Germany

since 2010

Head of the Energy, Environment and Exhaustible Resources section at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research


Senior lecturer in the Department of Economics/Resource Economics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland


Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) in the field of economics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich


Research Assistant, Chemnitz University of Technology


Doctorate in economics from Chemnitz University of Technology: Dr. rer. pol. in Economics (Technische Universität, Chemnitz): "Endogenous Growth and Sustainable Development", summa cum laude


Research Assistant, Chemnitz University of Technology


Dip. Volkswirt, University of Hamburg. Topic: „Endogenous Growth and Sustainable Development“, summa cum laude


University of Göttingen (Major in economics)


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Major in Volkswirtschaftslehre)


University of Göttingen (Studying economics and business)

Research Projects (selection)

  • Assessing the Green Paradox
  • Integrated Assessment of the Instruments and the Fiscal and Market-Based Incentives of International Climate Change Policies and their Impacts (IACCP)
  • The Future of Energy Markets - Economic Analysis and Assessment of Potentials and Options
  • Growth and Productivity



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