Events 07.04.2018

PalMod International Open Science Conference

15 December 2017: Abstract submission deadline!

The first International Open Science Conference organized by PalMod will be held at Tech Gate Vienna, Vienna, Austria back-to-back with the 2018 EGU meeting. PalMod is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Invited are cross-cutting contributions based on PalMods topics. The conference will consist of inspiring talks and an intensive poster session within the following sessions:

  • Feedbacks, thresholds, and abrupt changes in the Earth System dynamics during the last deglaciation 
  • Spectrum of climate variability (governing processes, energy transfer across century-to-orbital timescales
  • Cryosphere-climate interactions
  • Novel methodological aspects of long-term simulations and reconstructions 

7 – 8 April 2018


Vienna, Austria

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