Events in Germany 13.09.2018

Systematizing and upscaling urban solutions for climate change mitigation

10 May 2018: Deadline for abstract submission!

Research on urban solutions for climate change mitigation suffer from two shortcomings. First, results are often difficult to compare as every city is different. Second, efforts are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary but still lack the complete skill set and data foundations to set consistent quantitative foundations of urban climate solutions at different scales.

This international conference aims to bring researchers together who want to bridge empirical and theoretical gaps and upscale urban solutions for climate change mitigation.

It calls for contributions on several intertwined fronts, including infrastructures, behavior, technology, big data, well-being, governance and transition studies (interdisciplinary teams especially welcome). Especially welcome are papers that demonstrate the feasibility to upscale urban climate solutions beyond individual cities, identifying archetypes and typologies of urban solutions. 

Contributors are encouraged to submit high quality contributions to a focus issue in Environmental Research Letters with identical title: “Systematizing and upscaling urban solutions for climate change mitigation”.

13 – 14 September 2018


Berlin, Germany

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