Events in Germany 06.02.2019

International conference on Sustainability Research and Transformation

June 30th: Abstract submission deadline!

In her seminal essay  “Leverage Points Places to intervene in a system”, Donnella Meadows highlights a series of leverage points—places in complex systems where a small shift may lead to fundamental changes in the system as a whole— for sustainability transformations.

This major international conference inspired by Donnella Meadows seminal essay seeks to explore the deep leverage points that can lead to sustainability transformations.  


The conference will be premised on three principles:

  1. The importance of searching for places where interventions can lead to transformative change.
  2. Open inquiry, exchange and co-learning across multiple theoretical, methodological and empirical research approaches focused on sustainability science and transformative change.
  3. The need to reflection on modes of research and processes of change in leverage point and sustainability transformation related research.


And revolve around  a number of core themes :

  1. Re-structuring institutions for transformative change
  2. Re-connecting people and nature as a deep leverage point
  3. Re-thinking how we know and act in relation to sustainability transformations
  4. Systems thinking and complexity as tools for transformation
  5. Transformative research practices in sustainability science


In the spirit of Meadows’ work there will also be emergent themes dictated by inspiring research that falls outside the confines of the themes outlined above.

6.-8.February 2019


Lüneburg, Germany

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