Events in Germany 29.11.2018

Final Conference of DFG Research Unit 1659 Regional Climate Change - Agricultural Land Use and Feedbacks in Changing Climate

In the next decades, global climate change will have substantial consequences for the structure and functions of agro-ecosystems, food production and security, water availability and the economic development in many regions of the world. The impact of climate change which may assume dramatic proportions in some regions will be attenuated by adaptation measures that will feed back to climate. Detailed regional climate projections are needed in order to develop tailor-made strategies.

In a joint, truly interdisciplinary 10-year program, agricultural scientists, biologists, physicists and economists from University of Hohenheim, Helmholtz-Zentrum München and Justus Liebig University Giessen have investigated the impact of climate change in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, by means of field measurements and integrated modeling. We invite investigators to discuss inter-disciplinary results on regional climate change at this conference.

The conference will consist of multiple sessions, with each session including 30 minute Key Note Speaker presentations + 10 minutes of discussion and contributing presentations of 15 minutes + 5 minutes. There will also be a Guided Poster Session which includes a Best Poster Award.

Topics that will be covered during the sessions are: Land Atmosphere Feedback, Crop Response and Modelling, Climate Change Impact on Ecosystem Services and more.

24-26 April 2019


Hohenheim, Germany