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The international research program "Future Earth: research for global sustainability"

Future Earth, a 10-year research program initiated by the international science councils for nature and social sciences (ICSU and ISSC), provides knowledge that is required for society to meet the challenges of global change and to identify ways of transformation towards global sustainability. Future Earth is internationally supported by organizations such as Belmont Forum, UNESCO, UNEP, UNU and WMO (as observer).

Future Earth takes up themes that are of significance to the conflict against poverty as well as for human development. Future Earth addresses the following topics: Nutrition, water and energy security, human security, risk politics, modeling and prediction of “Tipping Points”, economic consequences of action and inaction, contribution to low-carbon economy and sustainable utilization and preservation of biodiversity. These global changes are often related to each other, are influenced by societies or directly affect them with regard to their regional cultures, lifestyles, ethics and senses of value. Future Earth offers the chance to integrate research fields and to set new “co-designed” research themes, in order to find global sustainability paths and to improve their possible implementation.

Future Earth seeks to encourage research of high quality and to join nature and social sciences as well as engineering and the humanities. It is intended to bring sciences, politics, economics and civil society together for “co-design” and “co-production”, to take a solution-focused approach to collective work, as well as to embed the already existing international Global Environment Programs and the involved national activities. Future Earth and its research are particularly based on ideas and activities of research communities worldwide. To further develop and focus Future Earth research themes all communities can make contributions.


Currently there are three broad and integrated research themes in Future Earth. These are:

(i) Dynamic Planet, which shall enhance the understanding about trends of Earth system influenced by natural phenomena and human activity.

(ii) Global Development, which enhances the knowledge about a sustainable, secure and fair acquaintance with food, water and biodiversity, health, energy and ecosystem functions and performances.

(iii) Transformation towards Sustainability, which improves the comprehension of transformation processes and chances for a global sustainable society.

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Future Earth Themes:

Future Earth Initial Design Report (Final version, November 2013)



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