News 27.09.2017

Join the Webinar: Shifting Paradigms

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This 90-minute webinar is part of a workshop that explores society’s potential to consider new paradigms in times of crisis. Successfully responding to complex problems such as climate change calls for transformations at an unprecedented rate and scale, and windows of opportunity are rapidly closing. What role do paradigms play in limiting or accelerating rapid social change? How can alternative paradigms influence research and practice? Karen O’Brien will introduce the topic and make an argument for taking quantum social change seriously. Alexander Wendt will then reflect on the politics of paradigm shifts based on his work with quantum social theory. Ann El Khoury then explores the possibilities of applying alternative ways of knowing to empirical research. The talks will be followed by three short reflections and inquiries into the potential for quantum social change by Leonardo Orlando, Chad Monfreda and Ananka Loubser.

2 October 2017

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