News 01.08.2017

Creating a Global SDG Transformation Forum

Many urgent challenges require transformation rather than incremental change. However, there are several difficulties in taking transformative action: the knowledge and tools are fragmented amongst diverse disciplines, issues, organizations and people; there are inadequate knowledge and tools; and we need greater capacity to apply what is known about transformative action.

The SDG Transformation Forum is being initiated with the leadership of the global science community represented by Future Earth, and Transformations2017, the pre-eminent transformation meeting space globally. The Forum is (1) global, (2) multi-stakeholder, (3) supporting the Paris Climate Agreement and SDGs, (4) focused on SDG 17 about the "how" to realize the goals, (5) focused on "transformation" as a specific type of “how” activity in contrast to, for example, incremental change. The SDG Transformation Forum advances collaborative action to address the new knowledge creation, innovative action and change capacity to realize the SDGs through transformation.

The broad vision of the Forum is a system of activities and people who are accelerating transformational SDGs’ implementation – by responding to need but also by raising awareness of the transformational knowledge and practice base. Its mission is to engender collaborative knowledge creation and collective action based on a transformational approach to SDG implementation.

The Forum is beginning by a simple set of webinars to bring together people across divisions and discuss issues critical to transformation. In concert with Transformations2017 conference August 30-Sept. 1, stakeholders are coming together September 2 around specific transformation issues to develop work streams around issues of transformation measurement, design, sustainability innovation, metanarratives, and financing.