News 15.12.2017

Call for papers: Challenges and Opportunities in the Sharing Economy

15 January 2018: Submission deadline!

The Journal of Management Studies calls for papers for a special issue on the “Challenges and Opportunities in the Sharing Economy”.

This Special Issue aims to explore and explain how, why and when the sharing economy affects consumers, business competition, and regulators. The SI also aim to shed light on how the sharing economy addresses problems of profit making, trust building, and market legitimacy in both B2B and B2C markets.

What the Special Issue hopes to accomplish:

  • to offer a clear conceptualization of the sharing economy
  • to better understand how the sharing economy coordinates action across the diverse actors and even ecosystems
  • it favors attention to processes, especially the underlying mechanism in both developed and developing worlds

This Special Issue calls for inter-disciplinary scholarship that sheds light on key but unexplored questions related to the sharing economy. Given the multi-disciplinary and multi-level nature of the sharing economy, conceptual and empirical studies using a variety of methods (qualitative and quantitative) are encouraged.