News 25.08.2017

Call for Experts: Urban Spaces and Human Mental Health

17 September 2017: Deadline for Call

EKLIPSE is inviting professionals to join an expert working group (EWG) to assess and synthesize relevant knowledge related to the types and characteristics (components) of urban and peri-urban natural spaces (blue and green) that have significant impact on human mental health and mental well-being. This is a policy request from the Working Group Biodiversity & Health of the French National Action Plan Health & Environment lead by the French ministry of Environment. The goal of the EWG is to provide recommendations for the conservation, creation, design and management of green and blue spaces that will benefit urban citizens, by maintaining or enhancing their mental well-being and mental health.

The expert working group will cover diverse and complementary skills (including practitioners and policy experts and a broad geographical coverage) and will interact with relevant stakeholders to ensure appropriate methodological choices and uptake of outputs.

EKLIPSE, a project funded by the EU in H2020, is developing a European Mechanism to answer requests from policy makers and other societal actors on issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem services.