News 04.10.2017

Think Landscape

10 November 2017: Application deadline!

Landscapes worldwide are increasingly shaped through global trade, market development, resource exploitation and climate change. This leads to a situation in which agriculture, forestry, biodiversity conservation, mining, housing and other land uses are increasingly competing for space. This conflict hampers the achievement of the sustainable development goals and the only way to strike a balance, is addressing it from an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary landscape perspective. A landscape perspective considers the multi-functionality of landscapes, while understanding their complementarity and potential options for integration. The landscape level is increasingly recognised as the appropriate level to negotiate land use options with multiple stakeholders and to mediate conflicts and promote collaboration between them.

During this course, we will think landscape from a biophysical perspective, taking into account ecological and hydrographical processes defining the biophysical potential of a landscape. But we will also look at landscapes from an economic and a governance perspective.

If you are an experienced professional with several years of working experience in the fields of natural resources management, forestry, agriculture, rural development, rural livelihoods, sustainable development, spatial planning, governance, and other related areas, you are warmly welcome. Especially invited are graduate students, who want to learn how to position their research into the world of policy and practice.

11 – 22 December 2017


Bonn, Germany

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