Radboud Summer School 13.08.2018

Climate Action for Sustainable Development

1 June 2018:  Application deadline

The summer school will take a multidisciplinary and practical perspective, and discuss climate and sustainable development actions, their costs and benefits, as well as related policies and needed governance. It will engage participants in discussions on the prospects and attractiveness of climate technologies and policies, and their relations with sustainable development practices, from environmental, technical, economic, social and institutional points of view. Also the participants will be introduced to the new institutional and governance framework following the Paris Agreement, and review how climate policies to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement are being implemented in developed and developing countries.

The course is designed for professionals and graduate students interested in practical, in-country action on climate change and sustainable development and the SDGs. Requirements are a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field as well as familiarity with the topic.

The course fee is 435 euros. The Summer School is equivalent to 2 credits in the European academic Credit Transfer System. If required, participants should get these credits approved through their own university or graduate school.

13 August 2018 -17 August 2018

Radboud Summer School, Netherlands

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