Helmholtz Association 28.02.2018

FELLOWSHIP - Helmholtz European Partnering

28 Februar 2018: Application deadline

International research cooperation is an important pillar of the Helmholtz Association’s strategy, with a special emphasis on European collaboration. The Helmholtz Association strives to make a valuable and lasting contribution to the development and the cohesion of the European research area. In order to realize this, the new funding program ‘Helmholtz European Partnering’ is launched in the Initiative and Networking Fund. The program targets cooperation projects with partners from Central, Eastern and Southern European countries.

The Helmholtz Association aims at extending and intensifying its research cooperation within Europe. Through the collaboration with countries particularly from Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, an important contribution to the development and advancement of the respective research systems is made. This in turn strengthens the European research landscape and the performance of Europe in Sciences and Innovation as a whole, thus enhancing Europe’s ability to compete worldwide.

There will be three calls for proposals for the Helmholtz European Partnering program (2017, 2018, 2019). Per call up to three initiatives can be funded in total. The project duration should be three years. Following a successful evaluation, an additional period of two years may be funded. The maximum amount of funding that can be requested from the Initiative and Networking Fund is 250.000 € per year.